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exercise two; imperative

Title: Remember
Fandom/Universe: Marvel | Avengers | Movie
Characters/Pairings: Natasha Romanova
Prompt/Exercise: Write a fragment of a story that is made up entirely of imperative commands. 500 words.
Word Count: 487
Notes: This was really strange to write. It's kinda hard to write in all commands.

Wake up in a strange place. Remember what happened the night before; you're on the job. Glance around the room, stark and empty. Feel the residual warmth lingering in the spot next to you on the bed. Untangle from the sheets and stumble to your feet, still clumsy from sleep. Notice the bathroom door is closed, your bed partner must be inside. Look around the room, opening drawers, searching the closet. You need to find something. That's what you're here for. Don't take time to regret what happened last night. Follow your orders. Don't forget that this is your job now.
Find the flash drive tucked under the nightstand. Make a copy of it quickly as you hear the water turning off in the bathroom. Put it back before the door opens. Lay back down on the bed like you've been waiting. Smile at the man that steps into the room. Say goodbye quickly so you can get back to work. Dress slowly, hesitating when you go to leave. Don't appear to eager to get out of there. Don't make him suspicious. 

Get back to SHIELD. Report back to Fury. Hand over the flash drive that you worked so hard to get. Go to the training room and work out your frustrations on the punching bag. Hit it harder and harder until your breathing is heavy and you can't anymore. Heave a sigh before sitting on the bench against the wall and wait for someone else to show up. Try to relax. Remember the mission is over and there's nothing for you to do until the next one, which may come soon but may not be here for another week or so. 
Close your eyes and lean against the wall. Take deep breaths as you calm yourself. Hear the scraping of someone else enters the room. Look over to him and exchange small smiles. Know that he's the one that brought you here, but he's also the reason you're still alive. Be grateful. At least you still have a job, a life. Say nothing as he sits next to you, wait for him to speak first. Don't talk about your first mission here, its not worth talking about.

Allow yourself to relax in his presence, knowing that he's your only friend at the moment. Let the silence fall; it's strangely comfortable for the moment. Nod in answer when he asks if it went well and watch as he stands to start his own workout. Become mesmerized watching him work; let it take your mind off things. Remember that you're through the hardest part now. Know that it will get easier, with time. Be safe with the knowledge that time is all it takes; this comfortable silence occasionally permeated by him hitting the punching bag is what you need for now and as long as that can last, you know you're fine.



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